Pharmtech & Ingredients 2019

InterPharmTechnology® will took part in the annual international exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production

Exhibition results

Exhibition Information Partner
The 21st International Exhibition of Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Production has completed its work.

Our company took an active part in the exhibition and was its information partner.

Preliminary Results:
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Pharmtech & Ingredients was attended by more than 470 Russian and foreign companies
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Over four days, the exhibition was visited by more than 8 thousand specialists in the pharmaceutical industry

We showed Russian customers the latest developments from our partners which were of particular interest including Caleva’s pharmaceutical pellets technology, IHolland press tooling maintainance and modern solutions for granulation by Comasa (PAT Group), tabletting by Cambcavi and packing in sticks and sachets of Mentpack.

We thank the visitors of the exhibition for their attention to our exposition, our partners for their support in working with customers and the equipment provided, as well as the organizers of Pharmtech & Ingredients for their help in organizing matters.

See you next year!

Pharmtech & Ingredients 2020 will be held November 10-13 at Crocus Expo.

The largest international exhibition in Russia and the EAEU countries

Pharmtech & Ingredients is an event that gathers all the technological leaders of the industry and visitors interested in choosing equipment, raw materials and technology for the production of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, veterinary drugs, blood products and cosmetics.

The entire production process, from the development of a production project, the purchase of raw materials, to the packaging and transportation of the finished product, is demonstrated at Pharmtech & Ingredients.

InterPharmTechnology® will traditionally take part in the annual international exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production PHARMTECH & INGREDIENTS 2019.

The latest achievements and developments of our partners for pharmaceutical enterprises as well as individual and complex solutions for pharmaceutical and veterinary industries will be presented to Russian customers. We will demonstrate the latest models of machines for servicing IHolland press tools and Caleva pellet production equipment at our exposition.

We will be glad to see you at our exposition.

The latest achievements and developments of our partners will be presented at the exhibition:


An updated automatic machine for polishing press tools: punches and dies MF 40 "PHARMA" will be presented. Over the years of operation, the MF 40 has proven itself to be a reliable and easy-to-use machine.

IHolland’s patented holders for the MF 40 machine, which provide a guaranteed and repeatable result when polishing a press tool in both standard and complex shapes. The IHolland holder for 53 punch type EuroD is the most capacious machine for this class.

The MF 40 is the latest addition to the range of automatic machines in the MF series. Innovative design
All materials used for polishing are designed and tested at the IHolland factory. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the world’s leading tablet manufacturers.

Particular attention will be paid to solving complex cases through the selection of steels and coatings, which is possible thanks to close cooperation with Nottingham Technological University.


Caleva is a recognized world leader in technologies and equipment for the production of pharmaceutical pellets and microspheres.

The exposition will present the latest set of equipment for R&D production of pharmaceutical pellets and microspheres. MULTI BOWL SPHERONIZATION KIT machines allow you to work with batches for batches from 150 g to 1.5 kg and sphere sizes from 1 mm to 6 mm.

The MULTI BOWL SPHERONIZATION KIT kit is small and can be placed on your laboratory or desktop. This is a powerful combination for developing a new product and developing industrial technology.

Particular attention will be paid to solving complex cases in the production of pellets and microspheres.

LOCK & Loma Systems и С&C Cambcavi

At the exposition will be presented a combi device for dust removal and inspection of C & C200E tablets, made on one platform.

The cooperation of C&C Cambcavi (China) and LOCK & Loma Systems (Great Britain) allows us to offer our customers universal compact devices for product loading, dust removal of tablets and capsules. Using reliable C&C Cambcavi dust collectors and one of the best Lock metal detectors in the world, they provide high operational characteristics (detection up to 0.3mmFe. 0.35NFE and 0.5SS) at an attractive price of the device.


Complete lines for unloading, preparation, sieving, mixing, granulating and drying raw materials of powdered products.

Along with industrial equipment, equipment for factory laboratories and R&D will be presented.


  • Dustless unloading and processing of raw materials;
  • 100% automated movement and weighing of products;
  • loading materials from bulky bags and containers;
  • dosed supply of oils and fats;
  • screening, mixing, drying, granulation, calibration, etc.
  • feed systems for packaging machines;
  • WIP systems (automatic cleaning of equipment on site);


Comprehensive solutions for the packaging of capsules, tablets, ampoules, vials, syringes and sachets of blister packs, cardboard packs or pills, serialization, corrugated box aggregation, pallet aggregation.

Particular attention will be paid to individual solutions: development of a unique product design, blister pack and secondary packaging; unique line configuration.

Also, for the first time in Russia, a high-speed automatic line for packing syringes in a blister will be presented.


COUNTEC is a manufacturer of counting equipment you can trust.

We offer advanced technologies and reliable turnkey solutions for counting, inspection and packaging of tablets and capsules in jars.

Coglix — A NEW ERA OF TECHNOLOGY. Hybrid Visual Counting Machine.

100% product inspection from all sides and individual rejection.


Packing of liquid, viscous, powdery, granular and sublimated products in three and four sieves bags (sachets)

The 101S / 8 / R machine will be presented at the exhibition. Machine scope: food industry, pharmaceuticals and veterinary industry.

The 8-lines machine 101S / 8 / R designed for packaging granular products is a prime example of satisfying all these characteristics. Productivity can reach up to 520 pcs per minute for packing 3g of product, with an accuracy of less than +/- 1%. The equipment has a simple VPN connection for remote connection of engineers when solving any issues that arise during the operation of the machine. Durability is the most striking example of all Mentpack machines; high-tech components such as SMC, Siemens, etc. are installed on the equipment.


Packing of pharmaceutical ointments, creams, emulsions and other creamy products in tubes. Preparation of ointments, emulsions and suspensions.

Actual trend of modern pharmaceutical the market suggests that many manufacturers are interested in packing their products in tubes of non-standard configuration. For example packing in tubes with a long nose (tubes for microclysters). We offer such a solution based on the AXO 1000.

WM Flexicon

Automatic and bench-top machines for sterile filling of liquid medicines. The use of patented peristaltic pumps allows for the highest metering accuracy.

WM Flexicon equipment provides a high level of safety for the product, operator and the environment, in accordance with the modern requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

OMAS (Italy)

Packaging of liquid products in various bottles, syringes, cartridges.

Our company presents the solution by OMAS TECNOSISTEMI SPA (Italy) — «Automatic Monoblock mod.G-250» for filling the collected syringes with liquid and viscous products with a capacity of up to 100 pcs / min and a dispensing volume of up to 100 ml. A machine is available with both manual and fully automatic syringe loading.

The dispenser of the machine is equipped with a servo drive, which ensures the highest dosing accuracy and ease of adjustment. Additionally the machine is equipped with a quality control system with automatic rejection without stopping the machine.

It will be possible to get acquainted with OMAS TECNOSISTMI SPA equipment in detail at our booth at Agroprodmash 2019 exhibition